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The "Can I Pass" Quiz Woman

It's much easier to pass if you are (left) a petite 115lbs: "being only 5'4" really made my transition much easier...".   But if you are actually 6 foot tall and wear size 10 shoes (right), then hormones, youth and surgery are vital if you want to pass consistently - and can perhaps even lead to a career as a supermodel.

The "Can I Pass?" Quiz
(V1.8 7/2/2015)

I've seen several quiz's on the Internet about "passing".  Unfortunately they seem to be mostly concerned with transvestites, so I thought I would have a go myself at a quiz for adult (age 18 or older) transsexual women who are considering transition.  The quiz is designed to give some indication of their chances of being quickly "read" when in out in a public (e.g. shopping) if/when they transition, it gives far less indication about their chances of passing long-term (e.g. at work) when many other factors come in to play.

This quiz is intended to be thought provoking for the participant, rather rather than a serious and accurate assessment tool. 


Using the Quiz

So, how confident are you of your ability to pass and not get quickly 'read'?  Will you keep a low profile, or can you confidently go forth?  Rate your chance of 'passing' with this quiz.  For each attribute award yourself a score from 0 up to the maximum indicated (or any integer in between, i.e. 1, 2, 3, etc.).  Some guidance to help you decide your score is given.  Add up all your scores and access yourself according to the levels at the end.  If possible, then let someone else score you to see if you were kidding yourself.

I've tried numerous ways of including "voice" in this quiz, but the brutal reality is that it is often a show-stopper for passing.  Vocal training helps, but rarely enough.  The husky voice approach has become too common to be effective.  Surgery on the voice box (laryngoplasty) is a drastic and not always successful option that I do not want to encourage.  Most transgendered women with a passable voice started to take hormones or puberty blockers at a very early age, and their voice never 'broke'.  As such I have removed voice from the quiz.  There are other near show stoppers such as excessive facial hair.



Max Score

Overall Physique


Height (6ft 1in or over = 0; 6ft 0in = 1; 5ft 11 in = 3; 5ft 10 in = 7; 5ft 9in = 11; 5ft 8in = 15; 5ft 7in = 22; 5ft 6in = 27; 5ft 5in = 32; 5ft 4in or under = 35)


Weight and build  (0 = heavily built, rugged; 3 = over-weight, hefty;  8 = average weight and build; 15 = slim; 20 = slight, delicate looking)


Legs (0 = scrawny/knobbly/muscled; 10 = shapely, long in proportion to height)


Shoe size (UK) (0 = size 10 or more; 2 = 9; 5 = 8, 11 = 7; 17 = 6; 20 = size 5 or under) 


Hands (0 = large; 7 = medium; 10 = small)


Facial Features


Complexion and skin quality (0 = marked, wrinkled, rough; 8 = clear, smooth, soft) 


Forehead (0 = narrow, low, sloping, 5 = wide, high, vertical, rounded)


Browridges (0 = prominent; 5 = none)


Eyebrows (0 = low, bushy; 3 = high, plucked and well shaped)


Nose (0 = large, long, wide; 7 = small, short, narrow, pointed)


Neck and Adam's Apple (0 = thick neck, prominent apple, 5 = long slim neck, none)


Chin (0 = large, square, craggy; 7 = small, rounded, delicate)


Back of jaw (0= flared, sharply angled; 3 = gently angled)


Teeth (0 = bad; 5 small, good appearance)




Hormone only developed breasts (5 = AA cup budding and/or poor shape; 12 = obvious development, can show off some cleavage; 15 = good development, typically B cup; 20 (very rare!) = generous development and shape, appropriate for body size, good cleavage)


Augmented breasts (6 = poor quality implants with significant give-aways; 10 = good bra filler, but inappropriate size or motion; 15 = high quality, good appearance  and movement; 18 = excellent appearance and movement, would dare to go topless on the beach!


Padding/Inserts (0 = none; 5 = poorly placed, unnatural;  12 = appropriate size, and well placed; 15 = highest quality, natural motion)


Head and Body Hair


Real scalp hair (0 = sparse, receding, bald patch; 10 = generous, thick, full bodied)


Wig (0 = obvious; 8 = high quality, very hard to spot)


Hair length (0 = short male; 2 = medium; 4 = long; 4 = the rarely possible short but still feminine) 


Beard (0* = obvious even after a close shave; 2 = can feel stubble after a few hours; 5 = no beard, e.g. electrolysis completed; 8 = no beard, growth never started)


Trunk and limb body hair (0 = heavy, masculine pattern; 2 = acceptable but requires regular depilatory; 4 = none/invisible, e.g. laser treatment or electrolysis; 5 = none, only slight (legs) to negligible (arms/chest) natural growth, feminine pattern pubic hair)


Hair colour (0 = Greying, mmmm... ; 3 = Blond/distinctive)


Max score


*Unfortunately it is nearly impossible to consistently "pass" successfully with a very masculine voice or a visible beard, regardless of other scores .  Other common but significant physical give-aways for transsexual women that are difficult to reflect appropriately in the scoring are height, Adams' Apple, large hands and feet, and thinning scalp hair with a receding hair line. 

~The effects of hormones is implied in many scores.

Score and Passing Rating

175 and above Lucky you, go for it girl!
150-174 Most of the people most of the time
125-149 Some of the people some of the time 
100-124 It's always best to be realistic
99 or under It's going to be very tough


One of these three models was born 'male' and is a transsexual.  Which?

I have had a lot of feedback about the quiz, particularly in relation to the age related questions that were originally included.  A typical (generic) email response is:

"I'm age 54 and 6' 1" tall, according to your quiz I have no realistic chance of passing.  However I transitioned last year and I know for a fact that I pass convincingly as an attractive woman.  Your quiz is clearly wrong."

One of these two models was born 'male' and is a transsexual.  Which?

I have thus tweaked the scores and with some reluctance have removed scores directly related to age and hormone usage. For example, the woman in the email above could, even at over 6 feet tall, potentially have been the 'next top model' if she was 21 and had been taking female hormones since 17 - like Tula.

Passing ... passing ... passing, and then she speaks.. (Gia)
Whilst these factors (in my opinion anyway) significantly affect passability, much of their impact is arguably already built in to the attribute questions.  I have also deleted difficult to self-assess items such as make up, dress and posture. 

It has also become clear from feedback that a quiz such as this is impossible to devise with any reasonable accuracy and fairness.  For example, many transwomen of a very feminine appearance have a huge problem with their voice, even with voice training its often a give away.  Also, in recent years a vastly increased awareness of transgender conditions has - for good and bad - made people far more aware of transsexual indicators, and thus successful passing has become harder than ever. 

I welcome constructive feedback and suggestions that will help me refine it further

(Above) A montage of fifteen wonderful transsexual women from their 20s to their 60's.  I have avoided giving examples of "it's going to be tough" as that would be unfair - even devastating -for the individuals concerned.


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